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LaTanya Tolan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Founder & CEO of Soul Care for Black Clinicians®, a realized God-given vision that she is humbled to lead. LaTanya's life mission is to empower, support, teach, care for, love on, and heal the souls of Black people. Her main goals are to ultimately improve the trajectories of the Black family and the Black community. LaTanya is a world traveler, lover of learning, and continues to trust God’s timing in her singleness. She lives in Southern California.



Receive clarity with the daily devotionals & by meditating on relevant scriptures


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Learn to trust God even though you may feel you can't trace Him!

Change your perspective, change your life.

Here's what one reader had to say:

"I never thought I’d be introduced to a book that would change my perspective on life. “Doing Single Well” by LaTanya Tolan did just that!

I received this book as a gift from my daughter. Unlike many books that I have read in the past, “Doing Single Well” had me immersed in the first chapter. Ms. Tolan's style of writing made me feel as though I was talking to one of my girlfriends in my own living room! Unlike many books that can be loaded with extremely abstract, theoretical, and complex wording, this book is enjoyable to read. It gave me a sense of comfort realizing that others were enduring the same struggles that I have as a single person. As a Christian, I loved her biblical references but never felt that she was being too “preachy” or beating me over the head with the Bible. Ms. Tolan has had some of the same experiences and challenges that I have had. This added greatly to the relatability factor.

After reading the first few chapters, I was hooked. The reflection and journaling sections were something I looked forward to as I read through the book. The day after I started reading this book I called and made an appointment to speak to a private therapist. This is something I had been avoiding for years. I realized that some of the trauma I had experienced throughout my life was now affecting my dating life. My trust issues and abandonment issues were making it difficult to let love in.

“Doing Single Well” shed light on many areas of my life that needed healing. This book was the catalyst for me to start making those changes. I am now looking at life and love through a new lens. Thank you Ms. Tolan for this wonderful book and for initiating my healing."

Felicia D. Hardman

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What Folks Are Sayin'...

"Sistah LaTanya has created an absolute masterpiece with this work! One cannot help but to enjoy how she uses scripture context with each of the 31 days/subjects that she speaks on. What's even more impressive is that she does not present herself as being perfect and does not hesitate to bring up various personal shortcomings to further enlightened the reader of just how tough but blessed her journey has been. As a black man, this literary sanctuary ministers to me to use for lessons in business, life skills, and career decisions with the known fact that every step in this manuscript has a spiritual connection. Looking forward to her future projects."

Tony "TA" Austin, MSW

"Her candid humor, coupled with her real life experiences, and the wisdom she's gained from them, makes you feel like you are having an amazing conversation with an encouraging friend."

Dr. Hosea Collins

Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church of Hawthorne

"I know that this is for singles but why am I hearing about some of my behaviors in my 25 year old marriage! Chile...I am certain black women will be helped."

Black Woman

"I'm love the book so very much. It's a new accessory. God really used you. I LOVE IT!"

Black Woman


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